Real Business: Sugar Pine Cakery

This past year I had the pleasure of working with a fantastic baker, Allison Sayles, to help develop her logo and brand for her cake and sweet treats business, Sugar Pine Cakery. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of tasting one of her creations because she lives in Tahoe City, but hopefully I will someday soon. One of the unique aspects about Allison Sayles and the cakes that she creates is that she uses all natural and organic ingredients.

I was able to help Allison create a brand for her company that represents what she is about.

Quality, organic, delicious, and rustic cakes and sweets.


Allison has been cooking and baking for as long as she can remember. Her mother was a great cook and always made everything from scratch so naturally she did the same. After working in many kitchens and bakeries she decided to go to culinary school and discovered that not only did she love to cook but she REALLY loved to make cakes and other sweets. Allison has been a Pastry Chef for many years and also worked in a busy restaurant kitchen. She has always made wedding cakes and special occasion cakes for friends and family. Soon people she didn’t know were calling her for cakes. By word of mouth she had become quite busy with wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and also cupcakes. She has always loved to bake and thought it was about time she started on her own in 2009.


It was a natural progression for Allison to start Sugar Pine Cakery. Eating mostly Organic and living in a very health conscious Lake Tahoe area, she automatically started to bake with organic and locally grown ingredients. She purchases all her berries and fruit for the cakes and sweets from local farmers’ markets when they are available. In a few months this coming summer she plans to have a booth at the farmers’ market to sell all her tasty treats. Allison describes the style of her cakes as "Rustic".  She uses wholesome ingredients and never freezes her cakes. Allison says, “There is something about a good old-fashioned cake that you just can't resist”.


Well, there isn’t just one. She loves all the cakes, sweets and treats she makes.  But, she especially loves anything lemon or citrus. Allison says, “It feels great baking things that people feel good about eating. I love seeing the cakes finished and decorated and knowing that they are part of some ones special day. I am very excited about incorporating gluten-free, dairy free and agave sweetened cakes into my repertoire. No one should go without some thing sweet to eat!”.


For Allison, starting Sugar Pine Cakery has so far been very exciting. She is looking at a very busy wedding season and hopefully adding a booth at the farmers’ market with lots of yummy organic sweets and treats. Her hope for the future is that people will be able to one day purchase her baking in local establishments and be able to taste the  love, devotion, and quality ingredients that goes into her baking.

Allison has been a great client to work with and I feel proud to have helped her in the development of her brand. I wish Sugar Pine Cakery the best of luck with it’s future adventures.

If anyone is interested in contacting Allison, you can email at: sugarpinecakery@gmail.com


  1. It all sounds so wonderful ,I can almost smell the sweet smells

  2. Wow, everything looks amazing! Can't wait for the farmer's market.


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