Project 365:29 & 30

Day 29 - August 30th
I love you
More than you know!

Day 30 - August 31st
Gotta love these girls.


Project 365:26, 27, 28

Friday, August 27th - Day 26
Enjoyed every second of our last minute Dave Matthews Band ticket purchase for just $30 each from craigslist. Closer than we have ever been before and it was amazing!

Saturday, August 28th - Day 27
Neighborhood watch.

Sunday, August 29th - Day 28
Half way done with the United Way invitation assembly, 500 belly bands to now put on the invitations.


Project 365:23 & 24

Two wooden postcards from Yosemite National Park.

It's not lavender but it is purple, pretty, and goes great in our front yard or in a jar on our kitchen window sill.


Project 365:22

I waited 22 long days for my birthday present to arrive and it is finally here. An awesome canvas messenger bag from bayanhippo! Thank you Gino!

Project 365:21

Football Sunday


Project 365:Yosemite

Ah, I am a little behind on my photos, but it is for a good reason. We spent 4 days in Yosemite with my family and I was completely unplugged, which was very nice. I of course had my camera in tow each day. It was a fantastic camping trip and I will have more photos soon, but here is a sample of a few from the trip.

Tuesday August 17th, Day 16
We are both excited to get there.

Wednesday August 18th, Day 17
Happy 1 Year Birthday Ponzo!

Thursday August 19th, Day 18
Stretching for our 17 mile hike up Half Dome.

Friday August 20th, Day 19
Happy 5 year anniversary Danny & Kellie.

Saturday August 21st, Day 20
A beautiful trip but glad to get home away from the bears.


Project 365:15

So happy to get pictures of our adorable little nephew Ayden in the mail the other day. We smile every time we walk by the fridge.



Project 365:13 & 14

Day 13 - Reunion of the old neighborhood, they are all still married and have raised great kids.
Day 14 - Buster and Sam had a play date.


Project 365:12

Go Giants! They didn't win, but it was still worth the drive last night.



Project 365:8

Sneak peak of a new invitation headed out the door. I can't wait to take photos of this one, one of my favorites! There is a lot more you cant see yet ;0)



Project 365:7

Happy little birthday girl blowing out her candles on her 6th birthday =)

Project 365:6

Camp Out at the S'moores! = Good Times =) Thanks Alli and Levi, can't wait until next year!



Project 365:4

After an appointment with a potential client in Elk Grove tonight, I couldn't resist a drive through my old neighborhood. It has changed and our house looks so different but it was nice to see. The trees are so much bigger, of course. I can't tell you how many cartwheels I did on this front lawn as a little girl =) Good memories.
hamburg way


Project 365:3

Life is precious, cherish what you have while you have it. The doors of life open and close all around us every day and the only thing we can do is take advantage of our open door while we are here on this earth. A community is saddened by the closed door of a young man this week and though I didn't know him well, I am praying for his family and friends and for his spirit. If you are ALIVE, guess what? Your door is open! So be kind, spread love, laugh often, be thankful, and have faith each and every day.


Project 365:1

I am excited to announce a new blog project, Project 365! I have seen many creative blog posts that feature a photo a day for one year. What better time to start a project like this than on my 29th Birthday. Yes, I turned 29 today, the last day in my twenties. I am excited to document my year in photos and share with you all. I can't promise to post a photo every day, but I can promise to take my camera everywhere I go to take a photo each day and will post them as frequently as I can. I will kick off the year with a photo of the beautiful flowers I came home to today while my sweet husband was cooking me a birthday dinner. Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes, I think I am going to enjoy being 29!

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