Project 365:200-207

Day 200 - Thursday, February 17th
My Cappuccino from Hot Italian the other night, wish I could have one every day!

Day 201 - Friday, February 18th
Decorated some of the nursery while Gino was in Tahoe. So what do you think, are the pom balls too girly for baby Luke's room?  Gino is on the fence.

Day 202 - Saturday, February 19th
Beautiful tulips from the 2 sweetest nieces in the world! Thank you Haley and Heather.

Day 203 - Sunday, February 20th 
Gathered some old frames from around the house to display some fun nursery art for the baby room.

Day 204 - Monday, February 21st
Artwork done, in the frames, and on the wall. Did the artwork myself to incorporate some bright and fun colors in the room.

Day 205 - Tuesday, February 22nd
This little one is already our sunshine every day =)

Day 206 - Wednesday, February 23rd
Old Soul, oh how I love you. Decaf isn't quite the same but I assure you I will be there often with my baby, stroller, and travel mug in hand after the little man is here for my real cup of Old Soul.

Day 207 - Thursday, February 24th
Delicious dinner courtesy of Crystal and Zach. Thank you for the good times and good food.


Project 365: 192-199

Day 192 - Wednesday, February 9th
The wall decal for the crib wall is up! It was surprisingly easy to do. Gotta love decals from Etsy

Day 193 - Thursday, February 10th 
Selling our dresser and bookshelf on craigslist

Day 194 - Friday, February 11th 
Taking in the sunshine. 

Day 195 - Saturday, February 12th 
Yummy dessert. Cookie/brownies layered with strawberries, whip cream, and pudding!

Day 196 - Sunday, February 13th
Lovely Sunday with Ponz-man and Gino at McKinley, then the Dog Park, then downtown for lunch. 

Day 197 - Monday, February 14th 
My homemade valentines day wreath hanging on the door.

Day 198 - Tuesday, February 15th 
Delicious pizzas at Hot Italian. 

Day 199 - Wednesday, February 16th 
The sweetest valentines day card from our darling nephew, Ayden. =0) 



Happy Valentines Day!

Hope you all have a nice day enjoying loved ones. Tell the special people in your life how much they mean to you today, and every day!

Sending a Smile-01


Project 365: 184-191

Day 184 - Wednesday, February 2nd
Nothing like fresh blooms to brighten the house for winter.


Day 185 - Thursday, February 3rd
Little baseball shoes for baby Luke.  Thank you cousin Ayden for all the clothes and stuff you gave us!


Day 186 - Friday, February 4th
Gino and Ponz-man working hard in the nursery. We bought the futon, set it up, Ikea wouldn't take it back, and now we are trying to sell it on craigslist because it is too big for the room. Let me know if you are interested in buying it?!  See the post here.


Day 187 - Saturday, February 5th
Craft time with the girls. We had such a fun weekend with them!


Day 189 - Sunday, February 6th
Superbowl...GO PACK! Great time with family and friends and lots of yummy food.


Day 190 - Monday, February 7th
This is a vintage 1984 Cabbage Patch Doll my Grandma Paulsen got for us while we were kids and saved it all these years. I am so excited to have it for the baby's room.


Day 191 - Tuesday, February 8th
27 weeks (almost 7 months) and counting down! 13 weeks (91 days till due date).



Project 365: 177-184

Day 177 - Tuesday, January 25th
Ok, kind of an odd photo but look, I can still see my feet!


Day 178 - Wednesday, January 26th
It might not look like it, but I am organized in shoeboxes and ready for my side work stuff to move to the basement. Next step, organize and display materials in basement office.


Day 179 - Thursday, January 27th
Off to an evening appointment with a potential new client, love what I do!


Day 180 - Friday, January 28th
Sam getting Ponzo all riled up with the chair as his protection. Can you see Ponzo's nose in the corner! =)


Day 181 - Saturday, January 29th
Celebrating Nancy's birthday in SF. Fondu for dessert, just what this pregnant girl wanted!


Day 182 - Sunday, January 30th
Congratulations to Gina on receiving the All Souls Catholic School Distinguished Alumni Award. I enjoyed visiting Nancy and Gina's schools.


Day 183 - Monday, January 31st
Mmmm one of our favorite meals, tuna melts on Trader Joe's cracked wheat bread with tomatoes and cheddar.


Day 184 - Tuesday, February 1st
More cleaning out for the nursery. Anyone interested in a metal frame Ikea bed? Fits a queen or full mattress. Email me if interested.

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