Project 365: 247-259

Day 246 - Thursday, April 7th
Thanks to everyone on my team for the nice Network baby shower! Gino wasn't quite sure what to expect but we had a great time.

Day 247 - Friday, April 8th
Blooms from the shower still look great.

Day 249 - Saturday, April 9th
Second Saturday with Alli & Levi, a really great night.

Day 250 - Sunday, April 10th
Make a wish.

Day 251 - Monday, April 11th
Cleared out the house for our floors to get sanded and re-finished before the little man arrives.

Day 252 - Tuesday, April 12th
The floors sanded with a sample of the water based coat in the doorway.

Day 253 - Wednesday, April 13th
Giants game on the tube at Riverside Clubhouse. We had to go watch the game somewhere while our house was packed up.

Day 254 - Thursday, April 14th
Go River Cats!

Day 255 - Friday, April 15th
Dinner at Crystal & Zach's, Ponzo trying to get any scrap of Lola's food. What a beast.

Day 256 - Saturday, April 16th
The finished product, well worth the 4 days of an empty house.

Day 257 - Sunday, April 17th
Just lounging around.

Day 258 - Monday, April 18th
Almost 37 weeks and ready for the little man to make his appearance!

Day 259 - Tuesday, April 19th
We have a house guest for a few days while my parents are in Arizona. Meet Thor. The two boys did really great on their first full day together.


Project 365: 239-246

Day 239 - Wednesday, March 30th
You've got mail.


Day 240 - Thursday, March 31st
Nacho dinner at Tiffany & Delwyn's. Little Joey is such a cutie!


Day 241 - Friday, April 1st
One of my new favorite trees in our back yard. I love the way that the blooms only hang down on the bottom of the branches. It's a variety of a Cherry Blossom tree.


Day 242 - Saturday, April 2nd
Gino and I spent all day planting new plants for our garden. Just in time for the spring season. It was a bit of a mess before (see here day 237) but we are all set now. Strawberries, tomatoes, basil, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, and bell peppers in 4 colors.


Day 243 - Sunday, April 3rd
My favorite girlfriends hosted a small tea party for me and baby Luke and it was so much fun. Great tea, adorable decorations, yummy food, and nice relaxing time to just sit around and catch up. Love them, thank you Crystal, Alli, Erin, and Nicole!


Day 244 - Monday, April 4th
Starting on my Week 35 To-Do-List. I just function better when I have a list to check off so I have one for every week until D-Day.


Day 245 - Tuesday, April 5th
Made it to SF for a nice wedding. It was great visiting with the Martinelli family and friends and we were up super early the next morning to get to work but It was worth it. Lovely cake made by Galli's Sanitary Bakery in South San Francisco. Congratulations Krista and Greg.


Day 246 - Wednesday, April 6th
Thanks Erin for the cute personalized onesie.

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