Project 365: 170-176

Day 170 - Tuesday, January 18th
Little man just doesn't want to get out of bed!


Day 171 - Wednesday, January 19th
Beautiful sunset.


Day 172 - Thursday, January 20th
Practicing photographer with my new portable photo studio. I need to play around a little more for the optimal lighting.


Day 173 - Friday, January 21st
The result of my photo studio shot. Good, but could be a little better. I am trying to get the most accurate colors so I have some more work to do with the lighting but it might be better in the daylight also.


Day 174 - Saturday, January 22nd
Oh, Ponz-man. Laying in the pile of pillows. Not quite as bad as on the bed but just about.


Day 175 - Sunday, January 23rd
Spring cleaning in the winter. We have been on a roll with organizing and cleaning the house, I guess you can call it nesting ;0) Gotta make room for this baby.


Day 176 - Monday, January 24th
Our first tiny bloom from our red camellia in the backyard.


Currently Inspired By...

Soft and romantic, the perfect combination with this sea green.
Photo courtesy of Ruffled.


Project 365: 162-169

Day 162, Monday, January 10th
Great dinner with great friends at Biba!
Day 163, Tuesday, January 11th
So frosty outside.
Day 164, Wednesday, January 12th
The hallway before paint and stenciling.
Day 165, Thursday, January 13th
Here is the stencil pattern. I had to change it from what I originally wanted because the first pattern didn't have sections that I could cut out without losing the shape. I like the results!
Day 166, Friday, January 14th
The stenciling is complete! It looks great but I have some touching up to do and then on to the trim.
Day 167, Saturday, January 15th
Gino finally came home from his conference in Texas so we ended the night with a nice walk downtown for some gellato. Love my Hot Italian ;0)
Day 168, Sunday, January 16th
Bowling superstars, go Noel!
Day 169, Monday, January 17th
Hey, that isn't supposed to happen! Ponzo tries to get on the bed anytime he can and he knows it isn't allowed. What to do with this little boy but we caught him right away.


Project 365:158-161

Day 158 - Thursday, January 6th
What a face!


Day 159 - Friday, January 7th
The stencil pattern I hope to do in our hallway.

wall stencil option1

Day 160 - Saturday, January 8th
Happy 40th Birthday Paul, hope you enjoyed all the hot sauce.


Day 161 - Sunday, January 9th
A new belly picture at 22.5 weeks.

22.5 weeks


Project 365: 155-157

Day 155 - January 3rd
Sam smelling the fake orchids, like he has a million times before. Silly cat.
Day 156 - January 4th
So excited to take advantage of this great deal for a photo light box set, only $33 out the door. Now I won't have an excuse for not updating my invitation and design photos!
Day 157 - January 5th
Finally after over 2 years in our house, we took down the old ratty curtains that were left from the previous owners in the front room and replaced them with these fresh and modern curtains from Ikea.  Only $30 for both panels, what a steal.


Project 365: 149-154

Day 149 - Tuesday December 28th
All the plants will be ready for a nice spring yard! 
Day 150 - Wednesday December 29th 
A fun photo book from Alli for the girls in her upcoming wedding! So excited for the year ahead. 
Day 151 - Thursday December 30th 
Getting ready for a NYE dinner at home. 
Day 152 - Friday December 31st 
Ponzo cuddling with Gracie. So happy to know he loves kids. 
Day 151 - Saturday January 1st 
A no-sew curtain project. I will post about this later, they turned out great! 
Day 152 - Breakfast at Tower Cafe, nice to catch up with Alli and Levi. 

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