Luke 8 Months

Luke turned 8 months old on January 16th. He is getting so big that I had to switch the onesie in the photo to a bigger long sleeve onesie! Here are a few updates.
We have been trying all kinds of different foods along with rice cereal consistently since 6 months. In the beginning he like the rice cereal but gagged a lot on all the baby food I made for him. I tried sweet potatoes, butternut squash, avocados, bananas, bananas and blackberries, apples, peas, carrots, and probably some more but he would gag so much the first few months of trying food. Now that he is 8 months old, these foods are going down a lot better and I keep trying to introduce different and new fruits and vegetables. We have done a little chicken but for the most part make fruits and veggies. He's getting there.
Luke had his army crawl down to a science and can go really fast! He doesn't actually crawl on his hands and knees but will rock back and forth on his knees while propped up on his hands. He has literally just started standing and pulling up on things within the past week. Yesterday during his nap, I had the door cracked opened and looking into his room. To my surprise I see our baby standing all the way up holding on to the side of the crib! Not to worry, that crib was lowered to it's lowest setting last night but it's crazy how things change within just a few days.
Luke makes all kinds of cute sounds. He still is a little stingy with his laughs and giggles but makes the "ma ma" and "da da" sound a lot. When he is crying or crawling around looking for me he often says "ma ma" but we aren't 100% convinced it is intentional.
Luke is a very sweet and smiley baby. He smiles at strangers behind my back and has a lot of friends at daycare. It's so nice having a smiley baby because no matter what we do, we can easily make him light up and that makes me light up!




Luke 7 Months

Gosh how time fly’s when you are having fun! Our little boy is almost 8 months old. The photo is from 7 months, it has just taken me a while to post it. He is really developing his personality now and is becoming so sweet, smiley, and fun. He is scooting all around the house and likes to stand up with our help. He smiles at everyone, everywhere we go. If I had to guess, I think he will have a lot of his Dad’s outgoing personality traits, we shall see. I am beginning to see an open mouth smile trend, how cute. He started a new daycare today at a center we were on a waiting list for. I really like the preschool structure of this new school so we are happy to be here for the long run. So far the teachers have been really nice and it sounds like he had a good first day!

Happy Monday to you all.


P.S - His eyes are still brown.
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