Project 365:322-331

Day 322 - Tuesday, June 21st
Gino cooked a delicious dinner tonight. Grilled BBQ chicken sandwiches with sauteed bell peppers, mushrooms, and topped with sharp cheddar.


Day 323 - Wednesday, June 22nd
Our tomatoes are ripening.


Day 324 - Thursday, June 23rd
Uncle Tony had a chance to feed Luke his dinner.


Day 325 - Friday, June 24th
Gino was away at a wedding and Luke and I had our first night home alone. He pretty much slept a lot =)


Day 326 - Saturday, June 25th
Luke attended his first birthday party for Joey Shelley. He slept through it!


Day 327 - Sunday, June 26th
I love the new stamp design, works for many occasions including baby announcements.


Day 328 - Monday, June 27th
Sleep meditation!


Day 329 - Tuesday, June 28th
Some of my co-workers came over to visit with us. Kristy had the special touch and they had good snuggles.


Day 330 - Wednesday, June 29th
I caught Sam in what he thought was a secret hiding spot, Luke's closet. Not so secret anymore.


Day 331 - Thursday, June 28th
The grass was so pretty this morning with small beads of water glistening in the sun.


Luke - 6 Weeks

Our big boy was 6 weeks old on Monday.
Previous Photos


Project 365: It's Back

Project 365 is back and I am ready to start keeping up again now that Luke and I are a little more acquainted at home =) The last post I did was Day 284, two days before Luke was born. I am skipping about a month and am picking back up at Fathers Day, Day 320. Just 45 more days until I am done with this year's photo documenting. 

Day 320 - Sunday, June 19th
Happy 1st Fathers Day Gino! I have no doubt this little boy is going to want to be just like you, his awesome Dad! 
Day 321 - Monday, June 20th 
"I'm one cool dude. Yes, that's a shark in my reflection!" 


Luke Every 2 Weeks

Hi everyone,
Well, it has been a while since I have been able to update the blog. I gave myself permission to take a month off while Luke, Gino, and I get used to our new life. Luke was born on May 16th, 2011 and has brightened our lives beyond imaginable. He was 4 weeks old yesterday and I now finally feel like I am getting settled into a schedule to where I can get more accomplished each day. Oh, and it helps that his night time sleep schedule is very manageable lately.
I have a lot to catch up on including Project 365, more pictures of Luke, house projects, invitation designs, etc. and hope to do that over the next few months while I am off work. In the meantime, I have a new post series that will feature photos of our little man's growth every 2 weeks. A few of my favorite blogs (Young House Love & Making it Lovely) feature photos of their little ones either weekly or monthly so Gino and I thought every 2 weeks would be a good pace to capture Luke's growth over his first year of his life. Here are his first photos from the past month.


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