Bright and Cheerful Nursery

I finally got around to taking some photos of Luke's nursery. We originally had that room painted blue and were going to keep it blue regardless of if we had a girl or a boy. I wanted his room to be bright, cheerful, and fun. Gino had a lot of input and in the end it turned out just right!
View from the doorway.


Lots of books to read in a bookshelf from Ikea.
I made the curtains from Ikea fabric. Fast, easy, and no-sew required.

I made this mobile from scrapbook paper.
There are endless color and pattern combinations for any nursery. 


One of the various designs I created for the room.

Changing station and more personalized designs.
I used fabric left over from the curtains to cover the small drawer to the side of the dresser.




These Sesame Street Car toys were Gino's when he was a little boy. 


My talented sister knit this puff mama foot stool that matches with the room colors perfectly.
She followed this tutorial

Our nursery wasn't complete without Giants gear.

Luke already has a lot of stuffed animals and the teddy bear is actually Gino's childhood teddy bear, so sweet. 

We originally were going to get Gino's Mom's rocking chair but it was too big for the room so we went with a non-traditional style chair instead from Target (I don't think they have it anymore). 

The Cabbage Patch is an original from the 1980's that my Grandma saved.
I just love the old school toys. 



New Logo!

Thank you all for providing your feedback on my logo designs. It's funny, I always have favorites when I present concepts to clients. This logo was the first design I created and my favorite which was a common theme with many of you as well. I selected this design because I think it is classic but still fun and is simple and clean. It's sophisticated without being too serious and I think it fits my personality. Stay tuned for a new blog design, web site, and Etsy shop soon to follow!




Smiles are contagious aren’t they? They work on babies; we smile at Luke and he smiles back. They work on dogs (ok, well sort of); I like to think Ponzo smiles when he is excited and we are smiling at him. They work in email; I admit I might over use the smile icon, but I still smile when I get one in an email.

I have noticed lately as I walk around midtown that smiles are a little scarce. I walk past many people each day and we are all either in our own little worlds or looking at our phones. Rarely do I smile at others or do I see others smiling at me. This has GOT to change! Maybe if I try to start smiling a little more each day, others will catch on and smile back or better yet, smile at someone else. You never know what someone is thinking about as they are walking around. They could have a lot on their mind and your smile might just brighten their day, their week, or even their outlook on human beings as a whole. Starting now, I am going to make a conscious effort to walk around more confidently with a smile on my face in the hopes that it is contagious even just for one other person.

Have a smiley weekend! :0)
(I thought this emoticon was only appropriate for this post)


October 2011 Desktop Calendars

So tell me, how often do you change your desktop image? Do you use family photos, the sample images that come with the computer, or do you change your desktop calendar regularly? I like to change mine every month to mix it up a bit. Here is a collection of my favorites for October 2011.





Logo Redesign

It has been almost three years since I started Sarah-Fina Custom Designs & Invitations. Over the years I have had many opportunities to help others with design and custom invitations from logos to weddings, baby showers and beyond. My skills as a designer have evolved and grown and I have finally been able to focus a little on my own materials. With this logo redesign, I hope to create a soft, inviting, fun, and pleasing logo for my work. It's time my logo more accurately reflects the design aesthetics of my more current work. Of course when it comes to other designs I have quick opinions and preferences but when it comes to my own stuff, I am quite indecisive. So, I ask you, my friends, family, clients, and others to help me narrow down the direction for my logo. I am sharing with you 5 rough draft design directions that I would love if you could provide feedback for. Which do you like, how are the colors, if you were a potential client would you be drawn to one over another? Any feedback is appreciated. Some designers might frown upon asking clients and others for feedback on your logo, but I am deciding to beat to my own drum. I wasn't formally trained in design and much of what I have learned is self taught. I figure my approach has worked for me so far and I am going to trust my own strategies! Thanks for your support and positive feedback over the years. After this logo redesign, I have goals to update my blog, web site, and share more recent photos of my latest projects (I am about a year and a half behind on current photos).

Logo Options-08








Thank you!!!
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