Project 365: 234-238

Day 234 - Friday, March 25th
Our little family pre-baby. Will add a photo of the little man once he is here.

Day 235 - Saturday, March 26th
Thank you Mom, Lynda, and Kellie for the wonderful baby shower. I had a great time and especially loved the cake!

Day 236 - Sunday, March 27th
The boys watching March Madness games at R15. Glad I left when I did. ;0)

Day 237 - Monday, March 28th
Planning on setting up our garden for the season this weekend. Excited to get these barrels filled.

Day 238 - Tuesday, March 29th
We ordered a new address stamp and I am loving the way it shows up on sparkly paper.


Project 365: 225-233

Day 225 - Wednesday, March 16th
Always getting into something!

Day 226 - Thursday, March 17th
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Day 227 - Friday, March 18th
Dinner with great friends.

Day 228 - Saturday, March 19th
Celebrating Alli's 29th Birthday at brunch.

Day 229 - Sunday, March 20th
Primio! I would rather see it on a sign than in Luke's name.

Day 230 - Monday, March 21st
Working on my homemade mobile for the baby room. Planning on doing a DIY post soon.

Day 231 - Tuesday, March 22nd
33 weeks and counting. Just about 7 weeks left until little man arrives!

Day 232 - Wednesday, March 24th

Day 233 - Thursday, March 25th
My new favorite necklace.


Project 365: 220-225

Day 220 - Thursday, March 10th
The gifts for my baby shower hostesses. I made the personalized notecards and go these adorable flower holders from a cute shop on Etsy, OldNewAgain.
Day 221 - Friday, March 11th
A nice day off with the hubby to go daycare hunting. Luckily we found a place we love and are really comfortable with. It made lunch at Magpie the icing on the cake!
Day 222 - Saturday, March 12th
I thoroughly enjoyed my baby shower in the bay area for baby Luke. We are so blessed with so many people that love us and that are so excited for Luke to arrive. Thank you Gina, Joanie, and Nancy for such a wonderful day. Of course the day would not be complete without receiving Giants gear to dress the little man in.
Day 223 - Sunday, March 13th
I spy blooms on our mini peach tree in the back!


Day 224 - Monday, March 14th
Learning infant CPR, scary if we ever have to use it, but I feel better that we have some education around what to do with a child in need.


Day 225 - Tuesday, March 15th
My first load of baby laundry. So adorable, I can't wait to fold and organize everything.



Project 365: 213-219

Day 213 - Wednesday, March 2nd
Nursery curtains made with fabric from Ikea.

Day 214 - Thursday, March 3rd
30 weeks (2.5 months to go). On our way to our first "baby" class. Super excited to deliver in the new Roseville Women and Children's Center.

Day 215 - Friday, March 4th
Easy DIY pencil holder. Wrap an old tin can with kraft paper (had some left over from Christmas wrapping), hot glue it on the can, and wrap with decorative ribbon. Ta-Da!

Day 216 - Saturday, March 5th
On our way to dinner at One Speed Pizza. So delicious!

Day 217 - Sunday, March 6th
Brunch with Toby and Lary at The Shack in East Sac. Really great food and some tasty beer for the boys.

Day 218 - Monday, March 7th
Still "nesting" with all of these house organization projects on my to do list. Monday was the recipe/kitchen mud room shelves. You should have seen it before...

Day 219 - Tuesday, March 8th
Enjoyed a nice soup lunch in support of the River City Food Bank with Alli and Crystal. This is a picture of the handmade bowl I got to take home.

Day 220 - Wednesday, March 9th
Curious kitty in the crib. Don't worry, Sam isn't allowed in the baby room once Luke is here. =)


Project 365: 208-212

Day 208 - Friday, February 25th
The Ponz-man!
Day 209 - Saturday, February 26th
Celebrating Uncle John's 50th Birthday in Seascape. Great weekend with the Antracolis, Sciandris, and Beals.  Hope you had a wonderful Birthday Uncle John!
Day 210 - Sunday, February 27th
Little man driving.
Day 211 - Monday, February 28th
Fresh blooms from TJ's.
Day 212 - Tuesday, March 1st
We got our stroller today and Sam was very curious about it. He wanted to go for a test ride so we went around the house and he stayed in there. Of course Ponzo was trying to bite him the whole time. Thank you Mom and Dad, we can't wait to try it out for real in May!
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