Project 365: 83, 84, 85

Day 83: Wonder what he is thinking?

Day 84: Family wedding photo wall.

Day 85: Someone in our neighborhood likes pumpkins much!?


Project 365: 80, 81, 82

Day 80: Yay, the Ginats win the Wednesday night game!  Gotta do it again on Saturday.

Day 81: What a handsome boy, just love him.

Day 82: Delicious lunch with fellow MetroEdge-ers at St. John's Shelter for Women and Children Plates Cafe. Plates Cafe is an employment learning program that provides formerly homeless women with a unique opportunity to learn valuable skills necessary to enter the culinary and services industries. The food was delicious and I hope you check it out if you have an opportunity. Spread the word and "like" their facebook page.


Project 365:78

On the set of our next Latino cookbook photo shoot taking beauty shots of healthy food and using natural light. Four shots down and 23 to go.


Project 365: 74, 75, 76, 77

Day 74
One last snuggle with Charlie Man before his trip to their new home in Los Gatos. He might be taller than Gino.
Day 75
Some little critter is eating our pumpkin. Strange.
Day 76
Happy Surprise Birthday Party Matt, and GO GIANTS!!!
Day 77
Happy Birthday Lynda, a wonderful dinner with the family to celebrate.
Lynda Rae 31st Birthday 10 17 2010


Project 365: 73 Taylor's Kitchen

We celebrated a good friends birthday tonight at Taylor's Kitchen in Land Park. At the same time we wished Parker and Lauren "Bon Voyage" on their last official night in The Sac. Sad to see them go but excited for their upcoming adventure in the Bay Area. Today's post deserves more photos because the food was so delicious! If you haven't been, we highly recommend it.
Cheese plate and heirloom tomato appetizers

Roasted pepper soup
White salmon on butternut squash puree with fingerling potatoes and wild mushrooms
Lamb shank with fava beans and wild mushrooms
Roasted chicken with gnocchi, spinach, and wild mushrooms 


Catching Up: Project 365

I am a bit behind so after this I will have one more photo from later tonight.
Day 68
Feeling festive, but I do wish the weather would match the season. 
Day 69
A day with the Sciandris and Beals in Grassvalley
Day 70
Pumpkin Patch 
Day 71 
Hanging out
Day 72
Oh my Gobblins, my favorite nephew is turning one!  Complete with cute envelopes and address labels. 


A New Food Toy for Ponzo

So, our dog devours his food in 30 seconds flat. I was talking with my Mom the other day and she told me about a toy that you put the food in and the dog has to work to get it out. I found a Kong version of it today and thought we needed to give it a try with Ponzo. It was great, it took him about 20 minutes to get all the little pieces of food out. In the mornings it will keep him distracted for a little while, give him stimulation while we are at work, and slow his eating down a bit. If you have a dog who guzzles their food, try it!  I am hooked.


Foster Youth

I had the pleasure of attending an event today which I created the invitation and event materials for. I was so grateful to the United Way marketing team for extending me an invitation to attend the Women in Philanthropy's Foster the Future luncheon. Beyond seeing my work play out through the invitation, event signage, and programs, I was inspired by the subject and the speakers. Women in Philanthropy focuses on foster youth programs that help support foster children after they are emancipated from the system. There were three foster youth speakers who are all currently in college and their stories were very intriguing to hear how far they have come from where they once were. My grandparents often took in foster children while my Dad and Aunt were growing up and one even turned into an adoption of my Uncle so I have an appreciation for foster parents and people who care enough to support these children who really need it. Thank you to United Way and Women in Philanthropy for the work you do with foster youth in the Sacramento area and thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you to help create an enjoyable event for the +300 members.

The photo isn't that great, but I hope to get more photos of the event overall later down the road. This is the large banner above the stage.


Project 365: 64

I love bringing my own bags to the store. So easy and the folks at TJ's are so appreciative when you do. Do you bring your own bags? If not, try it once and you will be hooked!


Project 365: The Weekend

September 30 - Day 60
Fall is almost in full swing, the leaves are starting to turn colors. This tree particularly turns really bright yellow, it is beautiful before the leaves fall off. I will try and capture that photo at it's peak color.
October 1 - Day 61
I had a fun filled day of family, soccer, and a mexican fiesta but I completely spaced and forgot to take out my camera. So instead you get a photo of Sam cuddling with new fabric for a bathroom project. It never fails, he ends up laying on anything new I bring into the house.
October 2 - Day 62
The bathroom project I used the fabric for. Simply lined the back wall and bottom shelves with patterned fabric to give the inside of the built-in a clean and fresh look. Look for the before and after photos in my bathroom refresh post coming soon.
October 3 - Day 63
Fabric for a table runner Crystal is going to sew for me! Thanks Crystal Crafter ;0)
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