Project 365: 177-184

Day 177 - Tuesday, January 25th
Ok, kind of an odd photo but look, I can still see my feet!


Day 178 - Wednesday, January 26th
It might not look like it, but I am organized in shoeboxes and ready for my side work stuff to move to the basement. Next step, organize and display materials in basement office.


Day 179 - Thursday, January 27th
Off to an evening appointment with a potential new client, love what I do!


Day 180 - Friday, January 28th
Sam getting Ponzo all riled up with the chair as his protection. Can you see Ponzo's nose in the corner! =)


Day 181 - Saturday, January 29th
Celebrating Nancy's birthday in SF. Fondu for dessert, just what this pregnant girl wanted!


Day 182 - Sunday, January 30th
Congratulations to Gina on receiving the All Souls Catholic School Distinguished Alumni Award. I enjoyed visiting Nancy and Gina's schools.


Day 183 - Monday, January 31st
Mmmm one of our favorite meals, tuna melts on Trader Joe's cracked wheat bread with tomatoes and cheddar.


Day 184 - Tuesday, February 1st
More cleaning out for the nursery. Anyone interested in a metal frame Ikea bed? Fits a queen or full mattress. Email me if interested.


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