Project 365: 136-142

Day 136 - Wednesday, December 15th - Started gift wrapping.


Day 137 - Thursday, December 16th - I think I will decorate the tree with this color scheme next year.


Day 138 - Friday, December 17th - A cute little sock monkey I got from my work holiday party. I think baby Sciandri will like this!


Day 139 - Saturday, December 18th - I decided to make the Chocolate-Peanut Butter Moon Pie Cookie recipe for our family holiday party/ornament exchange. My marshmallow filling was a little gooey but they ended up tasting good. I would give myself a B for this try at baking.


Day 140 - Sunday, December 19th - A great time with family filled with laughs and interesting "ornaments" in the exchange.


Day 141 - Monday, December 20th - Gino loves the ornament we went home with, a Michael Jackson Jukebox singing ornament.


Day 142 - Tuesday, December 21st - Packaged up, tagged, and ready to deliver our Christmas gifts to our families. 

Happy Holidays everyone. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a very happy 2011 New Year!

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